Zephyre takes care of the installation of your electric vehicle charging station from A to Z. We provide you with a customized solution at home or in the office, outdoors or indoors, according to your needs.


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Privacy Policy


Privacy: Zephyre Privacy Policy

  • Our commitments

At Zephyre, we do everything in our power to ensure that your privacy information is secure. This is why we are committed to total transparency.

Do you have a question? Check out the frequently asked questions about your privacy:

  • For what purpose do I need to fill in the information on the Zephyre online form?

Zephyre needs basic information about your contact details and your home in order to contact you as soon as possible to discuss your installation project in detail. This information allows us to offer you an efficient service - you will only have to fill in this information once! -and a personalised accompaniment. We undertake to only ask you for the information we really need, nothing more!

  • How does Zephyre use your data related to the ZEPHYRE - Charging station application?

Nous pouvons utiliser les informations que nous recueillons auprès de vous lorsque vous utilisez l’application ZEPHYRE – Borne de recharge, effectuez un achat, vous vous inscrivez notre newsletter, répondez à une enquête ou à une communication marketing, surfez sur le site Web ou utilisez certaines autres fonctionnalités du site de la manière suivante:
• Pour nous permettre de mieux vous servir en répondant à vos demandes de service client
• Pour traiter rapidement vos transactions.
• Pour empêcher une utilisation illégale ou inappropriée de son identité ou de nos services
• assurer la solvabilité d’un client individuel

We do not use the data accessible by the application anywhere else and this data is not stored after use, except for the location, start time and end time of initiated charging events.

  • Who will have access to the data I enter?

We undertake to communicate your data only to the members of Zephyre who will be in charge of your file.

No worries! We do not share this information with third parties.

The data you enter is safe: it is stored internally in secure software, and we make sure to update our anti-virus software regularly.

  • Will my data be kept indefinitely?

Of course not!

At Zephyre, we undertake not to keep the information you have communicated to us for your installation for more than 5 years after the end of the contract binding us to you. This allows us to offer you a quality service without asking you to provide us with the same information each time you contact us!

If you do not choose Zephyre, your information will be deleted.

  • Can I access the information you have about me, rectify, delete or oppose?

You have every right to your data: for the slightest request, send us an email to vieprivee@zephyre.fr, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

  • What is the basis for Zephyre's collection of my personal data?

We collect the data that you have consented to communicate to us for your kiosk installation project.

If you choose Zephyre to carry out your work, we will be bound by a contract and we will keep your contact information as well as information about your installation in order to offer you a quality after-sales service. When this contract expires, we undertake not to keep your information for more than five years.

Any further questions regarding your personal data?

Send us an email: vieprivee@zephyre.fr

Zephyre takes care of the installation of your electric vehicle charging station from A to Z.