Zephyre takes care of the installation of your electric vehicle charging station from A to Z. We provide you with a customized solution at home or in the office, outdoors or indoors, according to your needs.


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Find out the steps to take before installing a wallbox


Technical study of the installation

Before any commitment on your part, our certified electrician will come to your home to carry out a technical study of the installation (dimensioning, electrical optimisation, choice of the power of the bollard) and will propose a quote adapted to your situation.


Exercising your right to take

You can assert your right to the socket: any electric vehicle user can invoke his right to the socket to install an electric vehicle charging solution on his parking space at his own expense.


Zephyra with you to the trustee.

Zephyre accompanies you in the application to the co-ownership syndic as well as in the presentation at the General Meeting.

Before proceeding with the work, the owner must inform the syndic by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. You must present a detailed estimate of the work to be undertaken. This will be on the agenda of the next general meeting of co-owners.


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Learn more about installing a charging station

How is the recharging of the electric car done in the condominium?

For ever greater simplicity, and in order to reduce installation costs, the recharging station will most of the time be connected to the power supply room of the common areas (not to the user's personal electrical panel). As a result, the energy supplier remains the same.

However, connecting the electrical terminal(s) to the common areas will only be possible if sufficient power is available. If necessary, a new delivery point will have to be installed in order to have an independent electricity supplier. This solution is also more expensive.

Once installed, the kiosks will be equipped with an individual meter to measure the electricity consumed by each separate car or hybrid electric user.

To cover installation costs, individuals can benefit from a 30% tax credit to encourage the energy transition. In co-ownership, additional assistance is also available through the ADVENIR scheme.

The installation of an energy load control system is strongly recommended, especially in the case of multiple loads.

To go further

Here are some forecasts for electric cars: 10% of the car fleet in 2025, 100% in 2040!
Undeniable advantages and assets:

  • The cost of a "full tank of electricity" is derisory (on average 2 € per 100 km),
  • Zero pollutant emissions,
  • Silence in use,
  • Ease of operation...

In addition to an ecological bonus on purchase of €6000, €8500 if it replaces a petrol or diesel vehicle.
Not to mention an autonomy in full development, which today goes up to 400 km, and which is planned for 550 km in a few years!
Let's not forget to mention that an electric vehicle costs less and less, with the decrease in the cost of battery manufacturing.


Depuis le 1er janvier 2012, il est obligatoire pour les copropriétés nouvellement construites de doter leur parc de stationnement clos et couvert avec des bornes de recharge individuelles ou collectives. Au moins 10% des places destinées aux véhicules automobiles doivent être équipées, qu’elles soient communes ou pas.
Depuis le 1er janvier 2015, tous les habitants sont en droit de réclamer l’installation d’une recharge pour voiture électrique dans la copropriété, à condition que cette dernière soit dotée d’un parc de stationnement clos et couvert.

Terms and conditions of the ecological bonus :

    • Between 45k and 60k€: 3 000€ bonus
    • Above 60k€: no bonus except VUL and VH2 which will have a 3 000€ bonus.
  • For legal entities
    • Under $60k: $3,000 bonus
    • Above 60k€: no bonus except VUL and VH2 which will have a 3 000€ bonus.

For individuals, the €6,000 bonus will decrease by €1,000 per year until the end of the five-year period, i.e. €5,000 in 2021 and €4,000 in 2022. The budget will remain at 400M€ in 2021 to support 130,000 vehicles, and will be around 340M€ in 2022 to support 160,000 vehicles.

Zephyre takes care of the installation of your electric vehicle charging station from A to Z.